Why Should You Buy A Yearbook This Year? 

2/1/2021 12:55 pm

The yearbook is a piece of history and this year is definitely one for the books!  It provides a year’s worth of memories in one book which will stand the test of time.  Thirty years from now your child will be able to use their yearbook to laugh and joke about “When I was your age, we…” with their own children.  Memories will fade, but the yearbook will last forever.  This year may not be filled with as many events at the school, but it will provide a memorable glimpse of this moment in time forever.  

We NEED Pictures!!
**Online students.  We would LOVE to have pictures of all students in the yearbook.  **If your child did not participate in Fall Portraits send a good head shot to use in the portrait section.


Here are a few examples of pictures you can send for the yearbook:
-    First day of school pictures – Online students AND face to face no matter when your first day(s) of school were  
-    Online school from home set-up with student’s face clearly visible
-    Working on school assignments and projects at home with student’s face clearly visible
-    Participating in online outclass activities with student’s face clearly visible
-    Participating in class online holiday party
-    Student wearing a favorite mask


5th Grade Dedications
NOW is the time to send in a personal dedication and a photo of your graduating 5th grader for the 2020-21 APE Yearbook. 

***Note that this differs from the baby pictures*** 


The deadline to submit a dedication is MARCH 30, 2021.  You can order your dedication and yearbook at the same time.